Common Chiropractic Treatment Areas:

- Youth and adult scoliosis                                   - tennis elbow

- wrist, back, neck pain                                        - work and sports related injuries

- motor vehicle accident related injuries



Dr. Jason Cheng, B.Sc., D.C.

Dr. Jason Cheng specializes in various soft tissue treatments, physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises. Dr. Cheng holds both the American and Canadian Chiropractic Medical License and is a member of the American, Canadian and British Columbia Chiropractors Association.

Dr. Zheng is fluent in English, Chinese, and Taiwanese. His treatments focus on rehabilitation and physiotherapy combined with guidelines for home self-care, daily activities, exercise, diet, etc., to help patients achieve optimal health. In his spare time, Dr. Zheng loves to do sports, reading, photography and cooking. He enjoys spending time  with family and friends.

Dr. Jeffrey Hwang, B.Sc., D.C.

Dr. Jeffrey Huang has been practicing in Vancouver for more than 10 years and has extensive professional treatment experience. When performing a spine examination and treatment, a physical assessment is performed based on the individual's medical history. These include spinal joint function, muscle tone balance, posture balance, and functional analysis. For the muscle spinal nervous system disorders, safe and effective correction of the spine and limb joints to initiate the body's own self-healing ability in order for the nervous system to regain normal function. Chiropractic treatment is not limited to spinal problems, as knee, shoulder pain, and muscle soreness are also common treatment areas.

The diagnosis and treatment of spinal nerves includes assessmnt of spinal joint function, uscle tone and blanace, posture compensation and cuntional analysis. Assessment is the key to success in solving new and old condtions. Chiropractic treatment is not limited to treating spinal injuries. The chiropractor is also trained to treat the limbs and vast majority of joint problems. Knee and shoulder pain are also common treatable conditions.

   Schedule:                                   Location:

     Monday                    -off-
                9 am  -    6 pm                      Vancouver West
     Wednesday           9 am   -   6 pm                      Vancouver West
     Thursday              10 am  -   5 pm                      Richmond
     Friday                    9 am   -   6 pm                      Vancouver West
     Saturday               9 am   -   5 pm                      Vancouver West
     Sunday                 10 am -    5 pm *                    Vancouver East
                                   (selected Sunday monthly)             


   Schedule:                                    Location:

     Monday               10 am    -    6 pm                      Vancouver West
     Tuesday                3 pm    -    6 pm                      Vancouver East
     Wednesday        10 am    -   12 pm                      Vancouver East
     Thursday              3 pm    -    6 pm                 
     Vancouver East
     Friday                           - off -                        
     Saturday            10 am     -    3 pm                      Vancouver East
     Sunday                         - off -             


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