45 Minute Massage    $  75 + 5% GST

60 Minute Massage    $100 + 5% GST

90 Minute Massage    $145 + 5% GST




The 14 meridian points from head to feet correspond with the body's internal organs.  When certain pathological changes occur in one of the viscera, or one part of a human body, there will be a tender point in the corresponding acupoint.

Our wellness center also provides Chinese Meridian and acupressure massage. It incorporates the theory of any stagnation of Qi flowing in the meridian will cause blockage witch influence organ function and produce pain. This deeper tissue massage helps Qi to flow and relax muscles which helps with the body circulation.  

Acupressure Massage

About Acupressure Massage Therapy

Angie Chan

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